A Bright Hope Of
Prevention And Empowerment

The Elizabeth Smart Foundation began as an idea born out of the harrowing experience that propelled Elizabeth and the Smart family into the spotlight: Her kidnapping and abuse, her subsequent rescue, and now her career as a voice of empowerment to victims, survivors and their families everywhere.

That idea was to use the Smart family’s experience—especially their frustration at limited resources to turn to in the wake of their crisis—and create something for other families suffering. Beyond that, to create something that would help shed a light on the brave work done in fighting crimes against children. To provide a place of hope, action, education, safety and prevention for children and their families wherever they may be, who may find themselves in similar situations as the Smarts, or who want to help others to avoid, recover, and ultimately thrive after they’ve been traumatized, violated, or hurt in any way.

With the spotlight on Elizabeth, and her acceptance to use her platform to empower other survivors and bring awareness to the crimes against women and children, the Elizabeth Smart Foundation operates as a separate entity to convene and partner with powerful actors and organizations working to empower and protect children, promote educational resources and trauma support for victims and families. The foundation will report on success, while shedding a light on who needs help and, crucially, how others can get involved and provide a community of active, engaged, and empowered survivors alongside those who support them.