Inspired by the determined pose of antiquity’s Nike of Samothrace leaning into the storm, we enter the new decade with grand goals and spirited resolve.

With Elizabeth at the helm, our mission is to empower women and girls with the knowledge and skills necessary to actively protect themselves against violence and abuse.

Our education program provides the fundamental understanding vital to recognizing and confronting abuse and sexual violence in all its various forms.

Partnered with experienced therapists and specialists, we provide online content, podcasts, and resources focused on prevention, trauma, shame, and recovery.

Our Smart Defense program provides the physical and verbal skills required to assertively defend and protect oneself against all degrees of unwanted sexual attention. Our expert MMA coaches and law-enforcement professionals provide intensive and ongoing training in a safe, controlled environment.

The iconic (though faceless) Winged Victory beautifully represents every woman leaning into the unique challenges of womanhood, including those that are most unwelcome.

Join us in helping all women soar to triumphant new heights over the dangerous storms of life.