radKIDS Instructor Certification Training: West Valley, Utah

Dear Future radKIDS Instructor,

We hope this email finds you well and looking toward teaching your next class of radKIDS. As we have all seen with the recent news out of Penn State University our efforts to empower children with options and choices are needed more and more every day, In saying that ,I want to thank you for all you are doing and to challenge you to do another class soon.


Together we know that every child deserves the opportunity to recognize,
avoid, resist and if necessary escape violence harm and victimization in their lives.  As of today, we cannot reach every child in our community unless we get more help. So please accept this email as a “Call to Action” and a call to help more children.


This email is to let you know radKIDS is coming to your region to train and certify radKIDS Instructors in the very near future and we are hoping that you will help us reach potential radKIDS Instructors in your area.  We can and do make a difference but we can do more.  We hope you will share this email with educators, law enforcement, friends, colleagues, parents and all those you believe may be able to help children in your area.  The only thing that makes a predator stop is “stopping them” and the more children we can train and empower the harder it will be for those trying to hurt them.
Within this announcement is all the necessary information that a potential candidate will need to consider, decide and register for the radKIDS Instructor certification program in your region.  All we need to do is forward this information to them to make them aware of this opportunity and what they can do to help children and families in their community!


As we all know we can make a difference or we can choose not to, but when we can no longer pretend or deny that our children need and deserve skills, choices and opportunity to live and be safer in their world so please share this with those you think can help.


Thank you again for all you do each and every day and we look forward to building your radKIDS Instructor team as well as adding additional resources and opportunity to STOP and if necessary break the cycle of violence and victimization in a young child’s life and together we will achieve our mission of providing the gift of real life skills and power to every child and family through the radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education program.  We can and do make a difference one child at a time.
We thank you in advance for your help and appreciate all you do.

Always from the heart

Mr. Steve
Help Keep Children Safe: Become a radKIDS Certified Instructor
Instructor Certification Training
West Valley, Utah 
December 13-16, 2011
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