Laura Recovery Center

Laura Recovery Center Laura Recovery CenterThe LAURA RECOVERY CENTER is a 501(c)3 non profit organization founded in loving memory of Laura Kate Smither, and to honor the thousands of volunteers that searched for her.

The LAURA RECOVERY CENTER exists to prevent abductions and runaways and to recover missing children by fostering a Triangle of Trust among law enforcement, community and a missing child’s family.

RESOURCES: – Laura Recovery Center web site. – How to search for a missing child. – On-line Child ID – Private; Free; Download; Share – On-line missing child flyer creation tool.
Missing children flyers (registered cases with LRC) can be freely faxed and emailed from LRC web site.
If you have a missing child CALL our 24/7 LRC Toll Free: 1-866-898-5723.

Additional information:

The LAURA RECOVERY CENTER is committed to the safety of our children. In today’s world abduction prevention education is critical to a child’s safety. Educating children about the lures that predators use empowers them to stay safe. In addition, LRC has been educating law enforcement agencies for many years about what a community expects of them after a child abduction. This training is a state certified course for law enforcement.

Every missing child deserves to be searched for. A powerful resource for every missing child is that child’s community. Properly trained and organized, a community can put thousands of eyes and ears out looking for a missing child. When contacted by the family of a missing child or by the responsible law enforcement agency the LRC will assist in whatever manner we think will help bring that child home. The LAURA RECOVERY CENTER has organized over 100 large scale community based searches for missing children and assisted over 1,500 families with missing children. We organize our searches based on the Laura Recovery Center Manual which can be found at the LRC web site:

The LAURA RECOVERY CENTER is committed to providing information about missing children and missing children issues to try to prevent child abductions.  We believe that empowering children through education is necessary to keep them safe in today’s world.