GINA for Missing Persons FOUNDation

GINA GINA for Missing Persons FOUNDationGINA for Missing Persons FOUNDation’s mission is to educate the public by partnering with entertainers to create awareness and media attention for missing persons world-wide, and to offer a source of information to help people whose family members become missing. GINA is dedicated to focusing on finding and creating avenues to FIND our worlds missing. GINA was created in honor of Gina Bos, who disappeared from Lincoln, NE in October of 2000 after a performance. Her case had no scandal or suspect; she simply vanished. With no media hook, it became her family’s challenge to create ways to gain attention for her and the thousands of people that simply vanish each year.

GINA helps to find missing people and also supports Awareness, Education and Safety Initiatives, to take a proactive approach to keep people, especially kids, safe.