Elizabeth Smart responds to Penn State scandal


Elizabeth Smart responded to President Obama’s comments over the weekend regarding the Penn State scandal at the Utah Capitol Building this afternoon. Obama’s statements detailed that people’s “number one priority has to be protecting our kids” and that the allegations against Sandusky should motivate the nation collectively to do “some soul-searching.” He encouraged every individual to “take responsibility for making sure our kids are protected.”

In today’s press conference, Smart emphasized the importance of empowering children with education and tools that will help to protect them in dangerous situations through the radKIDS program. Smart also asked President Obama, Congress and government officials to declare a State of Emergency and dedicate all resources available to rescuing children who are being sexually abused, raped and exploited.

We have tremendous compassion for the child sex abuse victims involved with the Penn State scandal and others –even those being held and tortured by child pornographers– throughout our country and even the world.

We believe the developments of the past week are an important wake-up call. We as a country and our president and elected officials need to take drastic and immediate action to truly make protecting our children our No. 1 priority.