Elizabeth Smart appears on HLN to talk about the Hero™ app

HERO™ Mobile App for iOS and Android Leverages Social Media, Crowd
Sourcing and Geo-Location to Provide Important Tool in Times of Need

SALT LAKE CITY — June 26, 2012 — Apptooth (www.apptooth.com), a leading mobile app
development studio today launched a new patent-pending mobile application called Hero™
available in the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Google Play for Android.

Hero™ Features Summary:

• Users can invite friends and family to be their “Heroes” from numerous social media networks
including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
• Upon pressing the HERO icon on a smartphone in times of need, the user can share instant
video, audio and GPS coordinates to his or her social network and other HERO app
users within a five-mile radius – powered by geo-location technology.
• Track real-time location of your Facebook friends and family – your Hero network.
• The app is a unique combination of powerful social networking, crowd-sourcing and geo-
location features.
• Hero™ can be downloaded for FREE in the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPod, iPad and
Google Play for Android.
• Developed by mobile app development studio Apptooth, http://www.apptooth.com.

With the rise of social media and use of mobile devices, individuals have the ability to serve
as the eyes and ears during times of need. Time is of the essence in cases of abductions,
robberies, stolen property, car accidents, lost pets and numerous other similar situations.

Mobile app developer Apptooth today introduced HERO™, a mobile app that provides the ability
to instantly stream live video, audio and GPS coordinates from a smartphone to all your Heroes
and even the crowd around you within five-miles.

The new technology is endorsed by Elizabeth Smart partnering with Brett Tolman former U.S.
Attorney who spearheaded the prosecution of her abductor. Elizabeth’s abduction and recovery
motivated parents, law enforcement, and worldwide leaders to focus on child safety. In the
10 years since her abduction, Smart has become an advocate for change and through the
Elizabeth Smart Foundation has helped increase awareness of personal safety and how to
prevent abductions.

“In times of need, with a simple tap of an icon, the user of the HERO app can instantly share
video, audio and GPS coordinates, capturing vital information and sending it to the user’s social
network and to other HERO subscribers within a five-mile radius,” said George Matus, Apptooth
Founder and CEO. “Subscribers can select a range of features including emergency, custom
and instant crowd alerts; HERO tracking; Facebook login and alert and location mapping. Uses
of the HERO app can apply to a variety of scenarios including child abduction, robbery, assault,
car accidents as well as less serious situations such as a lost dog, flat tire, etc… HERO is a
powerful tool combining Social Media with Crowd-Sourcing and Geo-location technology on a

To download Hero™ for free, visit www.apptooth.com/Hero and click on the Apple App Store
icon for iPhone, iPad or iPod or the Google Play icon for Android.

About Apptooth
Apptooth is a leading app development company specializing in producing some of the
world’s best-selling mobile apps in a variety of platforms. For more on Apptooth, visit
www.apptooth.com or like on Facebook at www.facebook.com/apptooth.


Elizabeth Smart Appears on “Anderson” via Satellite to Discuss Child Safety

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Elizabeth Smart Foundation and Keep Georgia Safe Team Up to Talk About radKIDS

radKIDS Instructor Certification Training: West Valley, Utah

Dear Future radKIDS Instructor,

We hope this email finds you well and looking toward teaching your next class of radKIDS. As we have all seen with the recent news out of Penn State University our efforts to empower children with options and choices are needed more and more every day, In saying that ,I want to thank you for all you are doing and to challenge you to do another class soon.


Together we know that every child deserves the opportunity to recognize,
avoid, resist and if necessary escape violence harm and victimization in their lives.  As of today, we cannot reach every child in our community unless we get more help. So please accept this email as a “Call to Action” and a call to help more children.


This email is to let you know radKIDS is coming to your region to train and certify radKIDS Instructors in the very near future and we are hoping that you will help us reach potential radKIDS Instructors in your area.  We can and do make a difference but we can do more.  We hope you will share this email with educators, law enforcement, friends, colleagues, parents and all those you believe may be able to help children in your area.  The only thing that makes a predator stop is “stopping them” and the more children we can train and empower the harder it will be for those trying to hurt them.
Within this announcement is all the necessary information that a potential candidate will need to consider, decide and register for the radKIDS Instructor certification program in your region.  All we need to do is forward this information to them to make them aware of this opportunity and what they can do to help children and families in their community!


As we all know we can make a difference or we can choose not to, but when we can no longer pretend or deny that our children need and deserve skills, choices and opportunity to live and be safer in their world so please share this with those you think can help.


Thank you again for all you do each and every day and we look forward to building your radKIDS Instructor team as well as adding additional resources and opportunity to STOP and if necessary break the cycle of violence and victimization in a young child’s life and together we will achieve our mission of providing the gift of real life skills and power to every child and family through the radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education program.  We can and do make a difference one child at a time.
We thank you in advance for your help and appreciate all you do.

Always from the heart

Mr. Steve
Help Keep Children Safe: Become a radKIDS Certified Instructor
Instructor Certification Training
West Valley, Utah 
December 13-16, 2011
Sponsored by
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Become an Instructor
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National Coverage Of Elizabeth Smart’s Press Conference

Time to “Get Smart in Washington”

Elizabeth Smart held a press conference on the steps of Utah’s Capitol Building, addressing President Obama’s comments over the weekend regarding the Penn State child abuse scandal. Obama addressed that it is to be every persons “number one priority” to protect children.
Smart emphasized the importance of empowering children with education and tools that will help to protect them in dangerous situations through the radKIDS program. Smart also challenged that if the nation’s top priority is to protect children, Obama and Congress and government officials should ensure that resources for the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces are fully funded. Smart also asked President Obama, Congress and government officials to declare a State of Emergency and dedicate all resources available to rescuing children who are being sexually abused, raped and exploited. In response, Smart received tremendous support from the media and fellow child safety advocates.

On many occasions the focus of these cases quickly moves from the abused child, to the protection and financial integrity and reputation of the institution or system. The continual support from society especially parents, teachers, community leaders and government officials is critical in resolving child safety issues. Giving our children the gift of safety education and empowering them to stop predators is priceless.

National Response

Elizabeth makes a passionate plea to allow schools funding for programs such as radKIDS. “I commend our president for taking a stance and ask all of America to take to heart his counsel,” Smart said. “The very best way to protect our kids is to empower them …” Read the article here.

Elizabeth makes a courageous call to action stating that Obama needs to “put his money where his mouth is,” regarding his comment about each individual making child safety their “number one priority.” Read the article here.

This scandal emphasizes the need for people to report crimes against children instead of looking the other way. “Too often, she said, people decide to ignore abused children because it’s difficult for them to understand why it has happened, or they convince themselves that somebody else will report it.” Read the article here.

Elizabeth takes action upon hearing the news of the Penn State Scandal. “It makes me feel terrible any time I hear about a child being abused,” said Smart. She calls on President Obama to declare “a national emergency” to rescue children who are victims of sexual abuse and exploitation. Read the article here.

Elizabeth Smart responds to Penn State scandal


Elizabeth Smart responded to President Obama’s comments over the weekend regarding the Penn State scandal at the Utah Capitol Building this afternoon. Obama’s statements detailed that people’s “number one priority has to be protecting our kids” and that the allegations against Sandusky should motivate the nation collectively to do “some soul-searching.” He encouraged every individual to “take responsibility for making sure our kids are protected.”

In today’s press conference, Smart emphasized the importance of empowering children with education and tools that will help to protect them in dangerous situations through the radKIDS program. Smart also asked President Obama, Congress and government officials to declare a State of Emergency and dedicate all resources available to rescuing children who are being sexually abused, raped and exploited.

We have tremendous compassion for the child sex abuse victims involved with the Penn State scandal and others –even those being held and tortured by child pornographers– throughout our country and even the world.

We believe the developments of the past week are an important wake-up call. We as a country and our president and elected officials need to take drastic and immediate action to truly make protecting our children our No. 1 priority.


2011 Crimes Against Children Conference Keynote

2011 Crimes Against Children Conference Keynote

Elizabeth Smart was the Keynote Speaker at the 2011 Crimes Against Children Conference

Goals of the Crimes Against Children Conference:

Providing Professionals the Instruction, Information and Strategies They Need to Protect Child Victims and Prosecute their Offenders.

A nationally and internationally-recognized conference for professionals from the fields of law enforcement, prosecution, child protective services, social work, children’s advocacy, therapy, and medicine who work directly with child victims of crime.

Click image below for more videos on our Vimeo Channel:

KeynoteFeaturedImage2 300x225 2011 Crimes Against Children Conference Keynote

Interview with W7 ABC in New York

Elizabeth Smart on W7 ABC NY

Elizabeth Smart set to Work as ABC Commentator

abc elizabeth smart jp 110525 wg 300x168 Elizabeth Smart set to Work as ABC CommentatorOur very own Elizabeth Smart will be working with ABC as a special news commentator focusing on missing persons and child abduction cases..

Julie Townsend, network spokeswoman, told The Associated Press on Thursday that Elizabeth can provide viewers with a unique perspective.

“We think she’ll help our viewers better understand missing persons stories,” Townsend said in a telephone call. “This is someone with the perspective to know what a family experiences when a loved one goes missing.”

Here is what Elizabeth had to say about this opportunity: “I am looking at all the different options and trying to decide where I can make the biggest difference, where I can have the biggest effect for good,”

Elizabeth will go on air with Good Morning America on July 14 to further discuss her goals in this role as well as the creation of the Elizabeth Smart Foundation.

Elizabeth Smart – Keynote Speaker at the Crimes Against Children Conference

The goal of the Crimes Against Children Conference is to provide practical instruction, using current information, the newest ideas and most successful intervention strategies, to those professionals responsible for combating the many and varied forms of crimes against children.

Over 20 years ago, the Crimes Against Children Conference started with just 50 attendees. That year, 2 speakers – Brian Killacky and Ken Lanning – provided training to this small group of law enforcement professionals.

GrowthChart Elizabeth Smart   Keynote Speaker at the Crimes Against Children ConferenceConference faculty has now surpassed 200 with an unmatched variety of workshops presented each year. In addition to traditional topics in the field of crimes against children, we have added 7 unique tracks of computer lab training for those professionals working on internet-related crimes against children.

During the years since its beginnings, the Crimes Against Children Conference has established a reputation among professionals for high-quality training and great networking opportunities.

Join us for the 23rd Annual Crimes Against Children Conference – August 8 – 11, 2011 at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel.

Since 1988, professionals involved in the investigation, prosecution and treatment of crimes against children have been coming in growing numbers to receive training at this premiere conference. We continue to see record attendance each year with 2010 setting an all-time high of nearly 3,500 participants.